Dagger Cloud in Action: Going 100% Faster, Spending 75% Less at Airbyte
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CI/CD as Code that Runs Anywhere


Dagger Cloud

Everything you need to run Dagger in production

Dagger Platform Benefits

Shift CI Left
Shift CI Left

Enable developers to test their code instantly, locally

Programmable CI
Programmable CI

Replace slow, messy YAML-based CI with code

Universal Caching
Universal Caching

Every operation is cached by default, and caching works the same everywhere


Teams can use each other’s tools without learning each other’s language

User stories

Conor Barber
Conor BarberAirbyte
Before Dagger it was 'Push and Pray.' Now, we have the same tool running locally and in CI, and that just streamlines everything. Now our mantra is test, test, test, test.
Tony Worm
Tony Wormhof - the high code framework
With Dagger, I can define what I want my desired results to be, and Dagger figures out what needs to happen to get those results.
Andy Gonzalez
Andy GonzalezFortune 500 company
Replacing our makefiles with Dagger has greatly simplified our process for deployments since it’s much faster (1-3 hours to 3 minutes)...The power, flexibility and capability behind Dagger is something that gets me excited.
James Qualls
James QuallsDiscern
We want to be able to ship every single day, multiple times a day, as fast as we possibly can. Dagger is enabling us to do that.
Kevin Minehart
Kevin MinehartGrafana
With Dagger, we were able to go from something that takes an hour to something that takes 8 minutes.
George MacRorie
George MacRorieFlipt
Dagger feels like an actual innovation in CI/CD. There's a real attention to getting feedback from everyone and feeding that back into the design and building something that people need.

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