💫 Introducing Dagger: a new way to create CI/CD pipelines!
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A portable devkit for CI/CD pipelines.

Build powerful CI/CD pipelines quickly, then run them anywhere.

  • Give your developers parity between dev and CI environments
  • Test and debug your pipelines locally
  • Run the same pipeline on any CI environment without re-writes
  • Developed in the open by the creators of Docker
Dagger astronaut

It's time for a modern experience for CI/CD pipeline development.

Escape YAML hell

Wire actions together using CUE, a powerful configuration language developed at Google. CUE has all the features you wish YAML had: string interpolation, templating, static type checking, a complete package system, and more. And best of all, it can natively import and export YAML and JSON, for maximum compatibility with your existing tooling.

astronaut writing a plan

Create actions with any programming language.

Creating a custom action is straightforward. First write the code in your favorite programming language, no proprietary framework required. Then write a small CUE file specifying how to run your code in a container, and how to connect it to other actions. This allows for language-agnostic composition: actions written in different languages can be seamlessly wired into the same pipeline.

astronaut writing a plan

Choose and reuse actions from a large catalog.

Stop re-inventing the wheel every time a pipeline needs to be created or updated. Dagger ships with a large catalog of actions, and you can add custom actions to reuse later.

astronaut reusing actions for a catalog

Test and debug instantly, on your local machine.

App developers don’t have to wait several minutes to catch a typo, and neither should you. Dagger lets you develop, test and debug your pipeline locally, so you can get the pipeline completed quicker and move on to putting out other fires.

astronaut debugging a plan

Run on any Docker-compatible runtime.

Real-world pipelines have to work on multiple platforms and they have to tie together fragmented tools. With Dagger, you can re-use pipelines on different platforms or build multi-platform pipelines, completely out-of-the-box.

Dagger compatibility scheme

get involved!

Dagger is open source! Join the community on Discord & GitHub, and help shape the evolution of Dagger.