Dagger in Action: Restoring Developer Confidence in CI
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Dagger Power Users
June 13th, 2023GO

Dagger in Action: How Flipt Improved Coverage and Build Times with Dagger

Learn how Dagger became an integral part of Flipt's CI/CD pipeline.

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June 7th, 2023AWS

Use Dagger with AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline

Discover the simplicity and efficiency of AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline with Dagger. Dive into our comprehensive tutorial where we explore Dagger's seamless integration with these services, empowering developers and DevOps teams to effortlessly run Dagger pipelines on AWS infrastructure.

Dagger 0.6
May 25th, 2023TUI

Dagger 0.6: New Terminal UI

Learn about the new terminal UI shipping with Dagger 0.6, plus other SDK and documentation news

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May 9th, 2023Docker

Using Dockerfiles with Dagger

Whether you need to keep your existing Dockerfiles around for a while or are ready to turn them into Dagger SDK code, this blog post will help you navigate how to do it.

Kevin Minehart, Dagger Power user
May 9th, 2023CI/CD

Dagger in Action: Building Grafana for Multiple Architectures in 8 Minutes or Less

With Dagger, Kevin is able to build packages locally in 8 minutes or less...a build-time improvement of ~75%!

Dagger 0.5
April 6th, 2023

Dagger 0.5: New Dynamic Secrets API and more secure scrubbing

Dagger allows you to use confidential information, such as passwords, API keys, SSH keys and so on, when running your Dagger pipelines....