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Last update: May 3rd, 2023

Below is our trademark policy. We want to make our policy easily accessible, so we have created some FAQs to help steer you in the right direction.

Please take a moment to read the policy in its entirety.

If you have any questions or doubts about your project using our trademark, please contact us at legal@dagger.io. We are happy to help provide more guidance for your use case.

Trademark FAQs

I have a repo on GitHub that is related to Dagger. Can I have Dagger in the name?

The short answer is yes, but there are some restrictions that we ask that you follow. To ensure no confusion in the community, your repo must clearly show that it is not directly related to Dagger. To provide the most clarity and to abide by our trademark policy, we advise you to use the following name convention: “INSERTYOURPROJECTNAME-for-Dagger”.

I am a package manager. Am I allowed to create a package named Dagger?

If you are packaging the Dagger Engine itself, or one of the Dagger SDKs, under the name "dagger", then the answer is "probably not". If you are packaging other software related to Dagger, and want to include "Dagger" in the name, the the answer is the same as above.

If I fork the Dagger repo, can I continue to call it Dagger?

Sometimes. In the case of a fork on GitHub, the default name of the repository will be Dagger, but if you modify Dagger code for purposes other than bug fixes followed by pull requests to Dagger, then we ask that you rename the repository to avoid confusing users into thinking that your modified code comes from Dagger. Concerning references to Dagger within your code, the "use of the marks in open source code" conditions are met automatically by virtue of the GitHub interface making it clear that the fork is a modified version and where to find the original. Finally, if you fork Dagger to create a commercially competitive solution, and/or modify Dagger code in a manner that becomes incompatible with and/or creates security vulnerabilities as compared to original Dagger, then Dagger may require you to change the name of your repository to avoid consumer confusion.

Can you give me some ideas of an acceptable name for a Dagger-related repo?

We suggest following this naming convention: “INSERTYOURPROJECTNAME-for-Dagger”. If you want to use a different naming convention, please make sure that you understand the "use to indicate compatibility section" of our trademark policy.

If you have doubts about the name you’d like to use, please contact us at legal@dagger.io. We are happy to help advise you on a name that works for both parties.

Dagger Trademark Policy


The requirements set forth in these Guidelines are general. Authorized partners and licensees may be subject to additional restrictions that are not set forth in these Guidelines. If you are a partner or a licensee of Dagger, please consult your agreement for specific requirements applicable to your use of our Marks. In the event of a conflict between the applicable agreement and these Guidelines, the terms of the agreement will control.

The Marks

Our Marks consist of the following registered, unregistered and/or pending trademarks, service marks and logos which are subject to change without notice: Dagger; Dagger logo; and other designs, logos or marks which may be referred to in your specific license agreement or otherwise.

“Fair Use” Of Trademarks

You may make limited fair use of our Marks in naming or referring to our products, services or technology, provided you follow these Guidelines. For instance, a company may refer to the trademarks of competing products in marketing its own products. As an example, Burger King might choose to state in advertisements that “Burger King® french fries were preferred over McDonald’s® french fries in a taste test.” Although McDonald’s® is a trademark of McDonald’s Corporation, Burger King could mention it in its marketing in this fashion so long as the statement is truthful and not misleading, does not imply an improper association with or sponsorship by McDonald’s and otherwise complies with applicable laws.

A key element in evaluating whether the use of someone else’s trademark is acceptable is whether the use is likely to cause confusion in the marketplace as to the source or sponsorship of a product. Burger King’s use of “McDonald’s®” in the statement above is not likely to lead consumers to believe that Burger King® french fries are a product of McDonald’s or that Burger King® french fries emanate from or are sponsored or approved by McDonald’s Corporation.

Prohibited Trademark Uses

Dagger does not permit using any of our Marks in the following manner: as part of your own trademark; to identify Dagger products, services or technology; in a manner likely to cause confusion between products, services or technology of Dagger and those of another entity; in a manner that inaccurately implies that Dagger sponsors or endorses or otherwise is affiliated with your own activities, products, services or technology; in a manner that disparages Dagger or its products, services or technology; in connection with products, services or activities which, in our judgment, may diminish goodwill in our Marks; in connection with any unlawful activities or to encourage unlawful activities.

Use To Indicate Compatibility

Third-party products may use the Marks to indicate compatibility or interoperability with our platform in a limited manner and provided that all such statements are factually true and do not imply that Dagger has endorsed the subject of the statement. For example, the product designation “abc for Dagger” is permissible. The claims “xxx is compatible with Dagger”, “xxx can run your Dagger configurations", are permissible if they are factually true. Users should remember that false advertising or misleading claims can subject an entity to liability. Any indication of compatibility may only use the wording “Dagger” and may not use any trademark of Dagger consisting of a design, image, or logo.

Do Not Use As Nouns

Third-party products may not use the Marks as a common noun. For example “xxx is the best available dagger runtime”, or “xxx is the only HIPAA-compliant dagger” are not allowed.

Do Not Use Plural Or Possessive Form

A trademark is not a noun, so a plural form should not be used. For example, proper use will be “Dagger software” instead of “Dagger’s”. Similarly, the possessive form should not be used. For example, proper use will be “features of Dagger technology” instead of “Dagger’s features”.

Do Not Create Composite Marks

Our Marks must not appear to be part of any other marks (whether words or logos) or part of any other words that are used informally. Our Marks may not be used in any variations or as a design feature on your product, packaging, web page or promotional materials without obtaining prior written approval. Subject to the foregoing restrictions, if our Marks are used in connection with your mark, the use must be in a manner that distinguishes your mark from our Marks. Variations of our Marks may confuse consumers as to the source of the goods or services bearing the altered mark, and such use may infringe our trademark rights and be actionable under applicable laws.

Use Of The Marks In Open Source Code

Generally, the use of the Marks anywhere in the source code, user interface, documentation, repository name, logo, other file, advertising material, or other component of a redistributed work or derivative work is explicitly prohibited.

As a special case, individuals sharing experimental modifications of Dagger for the purpose of education, research or experimentation, or for the purpose of contributing to Dagger itself, may redistribute a modified release without stripping it of all trademark material. However, the modified version must make it clear that 1) the user is using an unofficial modification of dagger, 2) the purpose of the modified version is education, research or experimentation, or contributing to Dagger itself, and 3) indicates where users can find an official release (dagger.io). For example, in the case of a fork on GitHub, these conditions are met automatically by virtue of the GitHub interface making it clear that the fork is a modified version and where to find the original.

Proper Trademark Uses

Any permitted use must not falsely imply or suggest a sponsorship or endorsement by, or a partnership or affiliation with Dagger. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to determine when this condition is met or violated.

Use As Adjectives

Trademarks should be used as adjectives - not as nouns or verbs. Accordingly, a trademark should not be used alone. A trademark term should always be used with, and immediately precede, the generic noun that describes the product or component in question. For example, proper use is “Dagger computer software” and not “the Dagger.”

Use Of Capitals

Our Marks should be written with the proper capitalization as shown in these guidelines. For example: “Dagger”. Dagger may be written in lower case as ‘dagger’ only when the use explicitly refers to command line commands, for example, in documentation, help text or examples of use. Dagger may be written in lower case as ‘dagger’ in documentation, help text or examples of use that do not conflict with the redistribution guidelines above.

Use Of Logos

The Dagger's registered, unregistered and pending logos, as well as other design elements such as characters and container images, may be taken only from Dagger’s product sheet or from Dagger’s service screen shot following authorization from us. Do not create imitations, facsimiles or reproductions of these design elements on your own. The design elements may only appear with the words, logotype, graphic elements and spacing which Dagger has previously approved for use and may not be modified, recombined or displayed in modified scenes, images or other artwork.

Educational And Informational Purposes

Our word Marks (but not logo marks or other graphic depictions of our Marks) may be used in an informational context to name or describe the subject matter of an educational or informational program, to refer to Dagger product or technology, provided however that such use otherwise complies with these Guidelines and the following requirements:

  • The Dagger mark is used only in a referential context or for naming Dagger or to indicate compatibility, and not in a title of a program, domain name, website, product or service
  • The use must not falsely imply or suggest a sponsorship or endorsement by, a license from, or a partnership or affiliation with Dagger.
  • Any printed or online materials relating to the program must include proper attribution statements, registration symbols such as ® or © as appropriate, and a trademark notice statement in a form that we provide or approve.

Websites And Domain Name Uses

Proper use of our Marks on websites to name or accurately describe Dagger's products, services or technology is permitted. The use of our Marks should not be misleading or likely to cause confusion as to whether the website is sponsored by or affiliated with Dagger or whether the products, services or technology are offered by Dagger. Any principal or secondary level domain name should not be identical to or virtually identical to any of our Marks.

The website owner should not register any domain name containing our Marks and should not claim any trademark or similar proprietary rights in the domain name. For example, “daggertech.com”, “dagger-group.com”, “Meetdagger.com” are not allowed. Any violation of this policy may result in legal action.

The website should otherwise comply with domain name registry policies and applicable laws regarding trademark infringement and dilution.

Social Media

Any and all use of our Marks in connection with account names, profiles, avatars or handles on social media platforms is subject to the same guidelines set forth herein as for other uses. The use of any of our Marks in an account name, profile name, as an avatar, or in a handle on social media platforms is not permitted.

Trademark Notice Statement

The website should display a legal notice or a link that contains the following legend:

“Dagger and the Dagger logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Dagger, Inc in the United States and/or other countries. Dagger, Inc and other parties may also have trademark rights in other terms used herein.”

This legend can be modified to include only our Marks.

Requests For Permission

All other uses are prohibited except by express written permission, requested in advance, which we may grant or deny in our sole discretion. To request permission please contact Dagger’s Legal Department by email at legal@dagger.io Dagger will attempt to evaluate requests promptly. Dagger reserves the right to refuse permission to use our Marks for any reason.


Except as permitted in an applicable license agreement, the use or reproduction of Dagger' original works of authorship, including other characters or design elements of original works authored by Dagger, or the preparation of derivative works that imitate these design elements or present them in new scenes, designs, images, videos or artwork, is prohibited without prior approval from Dagger. Such materials include, but are not limited to, content and text displayed on Dagger’s website, or other documentation, photographs, diagrams, videos, and images. Except as provided differently under the terms of an applicable license agreement, any authorized use of Dagger’s copyrighted material must be accompanied one of the following statements, which should be prominently displayed and reference the year/s the material was created:s

[“Copyright 2022-2023 Dagger, Inc All rights reserved.”]


[“© 2022-2023 Dagger, Inc All rights reserved.”]

Review By Dagger And Remedies

Dagger reserves the right to review all uses of our Marks by others and to conduct periodic spot checks of such use. Upon request from Dagger, you must provide a copy of any product, packaging, screenshot, or other materials bearing our Mark. You must correct any deficiencies in the use of our Marks. Refusal to correct such deficiencies may result in revocation of permission to use our Marks. Further, any unauthorized or improper use of our Marks or works of authorship may constitute trademark infringement, unfair competition, and/or copyright infringement in violation of federal, state or international laws. Dagger reserves the right to initiate legal action relating to any third party use of its Marks or works of authorship that Dagger, in its sole discretion, deems unlawful or improper, even if such use is not expressly prohibited hereunder. Nothing in these Guidelines is intended to waive or restrict any legal rights that Dagger may have under applicable law, to grant any license, or to acquiesce in any infringing act.


For further information or guidelines regarding proper use of our Marks please contact Dagger’s Legal Department at legal@dagger.io.