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Dagger Named to Inaugural Redpoint InfraRed 100

July 17th, 2023
Dagger, Inaugural Redpoint InfraRed 100

Today, Dagger was named to the Redpoint InfraRed 100, a list of the 100 private companies Redpoint Ventures finds most promising in Cloud Infrastructure. In RedPoint’s own words: “These trailblazers have set new benchmarks for reliability, scalability, security, and innovation, enabling businesses to thrive in a cloud era and ushering a new paradigm of building applications.” This curated selection of companies represents the next generation of leaders in the industry, poised to make a significant impact in the cloud infrastructure market.

‍Redpoint Ventures is a leading venture capital firm with a diverse portfolio of successful companies including Twilio, Looker, Nextdoor, Ramp, Stripe, NuBank, Hashicorp, Snowflake, Netflix, Hims, and more.

It's an honor to be included in the first-ever InfraRed 100 alongside such an impressive cohort of cloud infrastructure companies.

We developed Dagger after repeatedly witnessing devops teams grappling with the complexities of assembling deployment pipelines that were difficult to scale or migrate to alternative cloud platforms. The app deployment experience is painful, and solving this problem is the holy grail of devops. This is the problem that we are trying to solve with Dagger. Devops engineers using Dagger get a standardized set of building blocks that they can assemble any way they want, knowing that the result will run reliably on any cloud. We believe that a major transformation is happening in our industry, with new types of apps and new roles emerging (e.g. the rise of platform teams), but infrastructure and development tools must adapt to enable this transformation.

Our thanks to Redpoint for highlighting the innovators on the front lines, and we congratulate all companies on the list!

Solomon Hykes, CEO and Co-founder of Dagger

As development teams scale, productivity often falls as the complexity of managing development pipelines increases exponentially. Built by the team behind Docker, Dagger streamlines the entire development process from the first line of code all the way to production. Dagger is a programmable engine that runs CI pipelines in containers. Daggerized CI pipelines are portable and reproducible, eliminating the problem of "but it works on my machine."  Developers gain the confidence to know that their code builds the same in CI as it does locally, while platform engineers benefit from un-paralleled observability and debuggability across their CI stack.

Dagger is helping some of the world’s most innovative software developers drastically simplify and accelerate their deployment pipelines and processes - improving developer productivity and reducing tasks that used to take hours down to minutes. You can read about one enterprise user’s experience cutting deployment time from 1-3 hrs to 3 minutes, Grafana’s experience generating Grafana environments in 8 minutes here or Flipt’s experience with integration tests going from 10 minutes with an empty cache to 17 seconds here!

If you're struggling with manual, time-consuming deployments and complex YAML or just intrigued by the idea of CI/CD as code join our Discord or join our weekly community call or meet up with us at an event.