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Introducing the Dagger Node.js SDK

November 16th, 2022
Daggernaunt creating a plan

Today we are proud to introduce the Node.js SDK: a new way to develop your CI/CD pipelines as code and run them anywhere.

The Dagger Node.js SDK may be a good fit if you are...

  • A front-end or back-end end developer wishing your CI pipelines were TypeScript or JavaScript code that you can run locally in seconds, instead of YAML that can only run on a proprietary service
  • A developer who needs CI/CD, and is looking for an excuse to learn TypeScript or JavaScript
  • Your team's "designated devops person", hoping to replace a pile of artisanal scripts with something more powerful
  • A platform engineer writing custom TypeScript tooling, with the goal unifying continuous delivery across organizational silos

This is our third SDK release in the past month, after Go and Python. Our ultimate goal is to ensure all developers can develop their CI/CD pipelines in the same way they develop the rest of their code. If you are looking for a different SDK, let us know. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of future SDK launches.

What is Dagger again?

Dagger is a programmable CI/CD engine that runs your pipelines in containers.

Programmable: develop your CI/CD pipelines as code, in the same programming language as your application.

Runs your pipelines in containers: Dagger executes your pipelines entirely as standard OCI containers. This has several benefits:

  • Instant local testing
  • Portability: the same pipeline can run on your local machine, a CI runner, a dedicated server, or any container hosting service.
  • Superior caching: every operation is cached by default, and caching works the same everywhere
  • Compatibility with the Docker ecosystem: if it runs in a container, you can add it to your pipeline
  • Cross-language instrumentation: teams can use each other’s tools without learning each other’s language


Dagger Node.js in Action

In this demo, we’ll show you how to create a CI tool to test your Node.js application against multiple Node.js versions.

Want to try it yourself? Check out our Getting Started Guide.

Want to Get Involved?

We have lots of ways to contribute and stay engaged with Dagger updates. We look forward to seeing you in our community forum: