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Build, Test and Publish a Spring Application with Dagger

June 21st, 2023
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Dagger SDKs are currently available for Go, Node.js and Python, but you can use them to create CI/CD pipelines for applications written in any programming language. A Go pipeline to build a Node.js application? A Python pipeline to test and release a PHP application? It's all doable, and Dagger makes you look good doing it!

To demonstrate how this works in practice, check out our guide on using a Dagger pipeline written in Go (or Node.js, or Python) to continuously build, test and publish a Java application written in Spring. You will learn how to create a Dagger pipeline to:

  •  Build your Spring application with all required dependencies
  •  Run unit tests for your Spring application
  •  Publish the final application image to Docker Hub
  • Run the Dagger pipeline on the local host using the Dagger CLI
  • Run the Dagger pipeline on every repository commit using GitHub Actions

Not a Java developer? We have guides on creating and using Dagger pipelines for PHP, Rust, Go, Node.js or Python applications as well. Check them out and tell us what you think in Discord!